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Welcome to, your complete internet poker guide, featuring the best online rooms for poker, tips, rules, tools plus a whole lot more. We have been playing poker and at times working in the poker industry, both online & live for several years. As you browse through our poker website, you will see our experience and insight speaking.

Below you will find what we strongly believe to be the best poker rooms and online poker sites for playing poker on the Internet. There are several reasons why we strongly believe in our ratings. The available games selection based on a variety of different stakes as well as the structure of poker games that are offered on the poker rooms we look at are strong factors in our ratings. Because we do not know what level you play, nor do we know if you like cash games or tournaments, Holdem, Stud, RAZZ, or Omaha, the sites we recommend have a healthy assortment of poker games and table limits that accommodate budgets and bank rolls of all sizes.

Additionally and perhaps most importantly, the online poker sites we endorse have the quickest payout times for when you win money and ask for a withdrawal. At some sites, you post a big win, only to wait several weeks or even months to collect your winnings. Sticking with the sites we trust and recommend will help reduce such an unnecessary risk.

The poker sites below are all exceptionally well-known brands run by trustworthy and reputable companies. By sticking to well known companies with timely payments and a strong selection of games whilst avoiding fly-by-night poker sites, you will find your online poker experience far more rewarding.


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What You Will Find at

The Basics of playing online poker

Before you start rushing in, it is best to make sure that you fully understand the game of poker and how to play. We cover “the basics” such as poker rules, how poker sites work (and get paid), & we briefly talk about how to play online poker.

Information about Internet poker sites

As mentioned above, one of the most important parts of playing poker on the Internet is playing at fair casinos that will pay you with no questions asked when you win. Yes, we believe reputation matters.

We have played poker online for quite a long time and it only stands to reason that we have tried our hand at many of the different sites out there – some were great and still exist, whilst others were not so great and are no longer around. We have also had the misfortune of playing at some sites that just flat refused to cash out our winnings. Sadly enough, it was a live and learn experience – one that we hope to pass on to you so that your “tuition cost” if you will is not nearly as costly as ours was. This is why avoiding rogue and shady poker rooms is a must.

Our poker website is written and developed from a poker player’s standpoint. Most poker sites you encounter on the Internet tend to be very sales oriented. Let’s be honest here, some online poker rooms are quite horrible for the player – especially middle and high stakes players. The poker site makes money, the affiliates make their money – both of which are happy. However, the player is left both frustrated and irritated, as the poker room in question was supposed to be a “great poker room with tons of action and superior software.” This kind of review is often fluff and rubbish.

As well as reviewing the sites we play, we also cover other imperative information such as how to fund your account and cash it out and we provide advice on the various bonuses and VIP rewards programs offered by the sites we trust. All online poker sites offer bonuses and we would be wrong in ignoring the terms & conditions associated with the bonuses. Thus, we dive into bonus terms so that we can help adjust your expectations accordingly and hopefully save you a headache or two.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you have visited numerous Internet poker information sites or this is your very first one, we want to be real with you. As we have mentioned, we too are poker players and if a poker site we review outright stinks, we are not afraid to tell you that. We would rather give you the real scoop on an online poker site we discuss so that you can make a well-informed decision, as opposed to misleading you just to get you to sign up. Sure, we are compensated for sending new players to certain online poker rooms, however, we are more interested in developing long-term, healthy relationships with our readers and with the Internet poker sites we detail than we are making a quick quid.

We sometimes feature the thoughts and opinions of guest writers. Rest assured, our guest writers are poker industry experts. Between our own writing and our guests, we strive to inform, direct, and educate you – our readers – so that you know exactly how the online poker world operates and have a far better idea of where to play poker online.

If you have any questions or comments for us, or are interested in writing a guest opinion for our readers, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will find our contact information on the bottom of this page. We thank you for visiting our poker website and wish you all the best at the online poker tables!